Dr. Ellen Macdonald

Ellen Macdonald


Renewable Resources
Room #751, General Services Building

Ellen Macdonald, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Renewable Resources and a researcher that focuses on factors influencing forest regeneration and understory plant communities in the boreal forest.

She has explored the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on forest ecosystems including: effects of various forest harvesting practices (see EMEND projects), wildfire, and Mountain Pine Beetle outbreaks. Her research group has also explored the utilization of naturally-saline forest landscapes as models for reclamation of salt-affected sites after oil sands mining and the influence of various reclamation practices on re-development of plant communities.

Dr. Macdonald was a recent recipient of the Killam Annual Professorship for 2007-08 in recognition of her outstanding record of scholarship, teaching and service to the community.  Ellen’s research program includes a balance of “pure” and “applied” ecology through which she aims to develop a deeper understanding of forest ecosystems and apply this towards improved management of our natural ecosystems and landscapes.

A recent article that she co-authored "Soil and groundwater characteristics of saline sites supporting boreal mixed forests in Northern Alberta" was published in Canadian Journal of Soil Science 90: 1-14.pdfsymbol