Dr. Sangita Sharma

Sangita Sharma


Faculty of Medicine, Endocrinology
Unit 5-10 University Terrace

Sangita Sharma, PhD

Centennial Professor in Aboriginal and Global Health

Endowed Chair in Aboriginal Health 

Professor Sangita Sharma, PhD, is an internationally known expert in dietary assessment and nutritional risk factors for disease in unique populations spanning the globe, from the Canadian Arctic to the Caribbean. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Sharma has worked with many populations in Canada and the United States including: Inuit, Inuvialuit, First Nations, Apache, and Navajo. Additionally, she has worked internationally in countries such as England, Cameroon, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Brazil, Indonesia, and Nepal. Her work combines nutritional sciences, epidemiology, health promotion, and community-based interventions, with a focus on the development of dietary assessment methodologies for diverse populations. Research, grants (n=42 as PI/Co-PI) and publications (n=75), has been multidisciplinary, including the relationship between diet and disease, nutrient-gene interactions, ethnic differences in health outcomes, and the development of nutritional and lifestyle intervention programs to promote health.

Some of Dr. Sharma's recent publications:

"Impact of the changing food environment on dietary practices of an Inuit population in Arctic Canada"Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Volume 23, Issue Supplement S1, pages 18-26, Oct. 2010.

"Vitamin D deficiency and disease risk among aboriginal Arctic populations", Nutrition Reviews, Volume 69, Issue 8, pages 468-478, Aug. 2011.

"Sources of Food Affect Dietary Adequacy of Inuit Women of Childbearing Age in Arctic Canada", J Health Popul Nutr, 29(5):454-464, Oct. 2011.

"Nutrition Society Silver Medal Lecture Development and use of FFQ among adults in diverse settings across the globe"Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2011), 70, 232–251.