FRO inReach (Iridium) GPS Satellite Communicators

The Field Research Office has acquired 12 DeLorme inReach GPS Satellite Communicators to complement the pool of satellite phones that University of Alberta researchers can borrow from.  The inReach unit is capable of sending and receiving text messages, providing GPS tracking and location details, and is a two-way SOS lifeline (Geos International Emergency Rescue Coordination Center services are included).  See BC Forest Safety Council's endorsement of these two-way satellite messaging devices. 

The purpose of providing a pool of inReach communicators for campus-wide use is to assist field researchers to provide another form of communication to those working in distant or remote locations where cellular coverage is not effective.  These devices are not meant to replace voice communication.

To request to borrow a inReach Communicator, go to the online form.

Terms of Borrowing inReach Communicators:

Notice Requirement:  2 weeks notice during the summer season (April 1 – September 30) and 1 month notice during the winter season (October 1 – March 31).

Rental Fee:  $15.00 weekly. These charges are based on cost recovery only. 

Late Return Charge:  Please note that if the inReach communicator is not returned when you have indicated, your Speedcode will be automatically charged a daily rate of $15.00/day  until the phone is returned to the Field Research Office. Failure to return the device on expected return date may impact further abilities to rent.  You may choose to extend your borrowing, however, you must go through the request process again, filling out another form, etc.

Usage Charges:  For every week you rent the inReach, you are allowed 56 free texts (incoming and outgoing).  Over and above that, you will be charged $0.25 for incoming and outgoing texts.   

Damage or Loss of inReach Communicator or case:  Notification to the Field Research Office within 24 hours is required if there is significant damage or loss of the device. The communicators are not insured if lost or damaged and  Departments or the responsible Principal Investigator will be charged the full replacement cost of the phone in addition to any charges that are made on the phone until you notify the Field Research Office.

Stolen inReach Communicator:   Report the incident to the local police department and forward a copy of the police report to the Field Research Office immediately as the SIMS card will have to be deactivated to protect personal information. There may be University insurance available should the communicator be stolen and if you have diligently exercised care to secure it to avoid theft. However, a deductible will be the responsibility of either the department or the investigator.

Allocation of inReach Communicators:  The Field Research Office will try to equally distribute the communicators between department and researchers. Please put in a realistic borrowing time.  The Field Research Office will not accept season-long bookings. There are a limited amount of communicators which are to be shared campus-wide.

Approval of Request to borrow inReach Communicators : You will be notified within 72 hours by email whether there is an available inReach communicator to borrow.