Field Equipment Claims


For items <$5K each

  • A simple inventory is required for items in the field (not on University property)
  • Inventory is held by dept. or researcher
  • If you wish any item covered by insurance should it be lost/stolen/damaged, it needs to be on the inventory list and there needs to be a full accounting of items - consider camp items like food, kitchen implements, etc. Food is a unique case - if an incident occurred where unconsumed food was lost, the amount of the claim would be pro-rated to the time you were already in the field for.
  • A best "guess" at replacement value is important
  • Maintaining up-to-date inventory is important
  • You may able to group items in your inventory (e.g. 15 Hobo thermisters @ $xx each)
  • Vehicles do NOT need to be included in inventory list but off-road vehicles such as ATVs, trailers, etc. do
  • Inventory list should include items not stored on U of A property - if you leave items at the field site, government office, your own garage/basement, other private property/compound, these must be included on the list

For items >$5K each

  • Must notify designated department staff
  • What are the items, where the items are expected to go and for how long
  • Making a claim
  • For a claim, a "re-inventory" would need to be completed and the difference from the original inventory would be the amount of the claim
  • For losses <$5K - PI/Dept responsibility
  • For losses >$5K - insurance claim
  • Personal Property is not covered under the University Insurance policy