Field Equipment Sharing

Equipment Sharing

Dr. Sangita Sharma has graciously offered to share some of her arctic research equipment to other U of A Researchers.  View this inventory list and then call her research lab at 780-492-3214 to borrow.  A deposit will be required to ensure that the equipment is returned without damage. 

For a few years, Dr. Faye Hicks generously shared her equipment with field researchers but unfortunately, has had to discontinue this program due to the time and expense it takes to run such a program.   She will still agree to rent two items out on a request by request basis - the RTK GPS base station and rover
with long and short range radios as well as a rivervboat and associated equipment (Lowrance navigation GPS and sounder, winter mount for ADCP,  ADCP with trimaran and radio and a Sonar light depth sounder).  If you are interested, please email Dr. Hicks directly. 

The Department of Biological Sciences has equipment to rent at the ACCRU site.

If other field researchers are willing to share equipment, please contact the Field Research Office and we would be happy to spread the word!