Field Equipment Storage

All University of Alberta researchers are allowed to store their field equipment at the South Campus Storage Lot (SCSL). This is the fenced area, located immediately southeast of the Feed Mill (F-45). This is an outdoor storage lot.  See satellite image of of South Campus Storage Lot below.  

South Campus Storage Lot satellite map

This space belongs to Facilities and Operations, Department of Operations and Maintenance; however, this is an unsupervised storage area, and all who use it do so at their own risk.  Researchers must make every effort  to secure and identify their property when storing it on the SCSL. 

Please note that dangerous and/or flammable goods, including fuel and propane, may not be stored out in the open area of the storage lot. You are able to store your flammables in cages that are at the east end of the SCSL.   Each section of the cages have been claimed by a department. As of October 1, 2017, access to the combustible cages will be obtained by filling out this form.  

Only UAlberta marked vehicles can be stored here. At no time should there be privately owned vehicles parked here and these will be reported to Parking Services and towed at the expense of the owner. 


As of October 1, 2017 a combination padlock will be installed on the main gate of the SCSL.   Users of the lot must register for the SCSL use by completing this form and agreeing to the "Rules of Use" before the access code will be given.  The combination/access code will be changed twice yearly - April 1, 2017 and October 1,2017. Users should not share this code but rather have individual users request access by filling out the form.   Once users open the gate, even if in the storage compound for a short period of time, please shut the gate behind. Upon leaving, please make sure that the padlock is securely locked. 

Researcher's Obligations

This storage area is meant to be a short-term solution to field equipment storage (non-heated outside storage), and there may be the need to relocate this equipment at a later date and on short-term notice, should Operations and Maintenance require it.  Operations and Management will do everything to lessen the inconveniences of relocating - clearly labeling equipment stored at the facility will help to ensure the appropriate individuals or departments can be efficiently identified and notified. Researchers should label and/or tag equipment with a weather resistant tag that includes the following information: PI name, PI Contact #, and UofA Tag # where applicable.  Researchers should also keep a detailed list of the items they have in this storage area in the event that property is stolen.  Although the fenced-off area is locked, there is the potential for theft or vandalism, so secure all equipment to minimize loss.

Larger Items

If you have items such as canoes, trailers, small boats (that can be stored outside), you may go to the storage area and place your equipment in an appropriate location.  Please take note of how space and similar items have been organized in the yard and where possible, please utilize space efficiently. 

Secure Items

If you are storing your items in the open area (as opposed to in a steel storage container), you must make sure that your items are secured. It is highly recommended that you store snowmobiles, ATVs, and other relatively mobile and expensive equipment in a steel storage container, which will help to both reduce the risk of theft and prevent damage to the equipment due to long periods of exposure. 

If you have larger items such as steel storage containers that you intend to move into the storage area, please contact Operations and Management, ph#780-492-6400, well in advance to make appropriate arrangements. Should any of your items be missing or damaged, this should be reported immediately to campus security / risk management and the researcher’s management team within the faculty.

There are several steel storage containers currently out at South Campus and most of these belong to Biological Sciences (Erin Bayne,, 2-4165 or email) and Renewable Resources (Alex Drummond, 2-2056, email) if you are in that department and wish to utilize these storage containers.  

Other storage possibilities 

We would suggest that you contact your department first to see if there is available storage space within the department's facilities.

If there is no department storage available, and you are in need of heated short-term storage for field research equipment/supplies, you can contact Paul Kroeker in Supply Management Services, Warehouse Storage Services, 2-0415. They have space available in the Materials Management Building.  The cost for storage is 60 cents per square foot per month of occupied rack space.   The Warehouse is heated and is access restricted.  The boxes would need to be stackable and placed on a pallet (either 12 square feet or 18 square feet depending on pallet size). They can give you a firm estimate on the cost once you submit a  Storage Request Form and then they can make arrangements with dispatch to have the items picked up and brought to the warehouse.