Research Vehicle Parking

University owned research vehicles that have been registered through Vehicle Pool are allowed to park on campus.  

The Field Research Office has met consistently over the years with Parking Services and the following parking perimeters have been established:
  • 30 designated researcher parking spaces have been allotted by Parking Services in the southeast quadrant of Lot L.  The area will be marked by signage as follows "University of Alberta Department Owned Research Vehicles Only, Reserved 24 Hrs."  These surface parking spaces are meant for vehicles that are oversized and cannot fit into Windsor or Stadium. Should there not be enough spaces in Lot Lto accommodate all over-sized vehicles, you can also choose to park at the South Campus Storage Lot if there is room.  If you are having trouble with parking in Lot L in the designated spots, please contact Parking Services at 780-492-5533 and provide the license plate of the vehicle that did not find a spot. Please do not park outside the designated spaces or your vehicle may be ticketed.
  • Random parking (except in otherwise designated spaces such as IE private stalls, accessibility stalls, etc.) is available for University owned research vehicles in the Windsor and Stadium Parkades for all vehicles that fit.  No vehicles should be parked on the roof so as to allow for snow removal. 
  • Pick-up, loading docks and loading zones are available for use by anyone at the University. There are time limits on these areas, anywhere from 15 min to 30 min, that must be adhered to.  If it is taking longer than anticipated to load or unload,  all drivers of research vehicles must contact Parking Services (780-492-5533)  to make arrangements to extend the time required. A location, license plate number and phone number must be provided when requesting additional time.  You can park in the loading zone at the northwest side of CCIS but only to unload and load your vehicle. 
  • Service Vehicle stalls are at a premium and are only intended for vehicles being used in the commission of day to day work on and in all the University of Alberta facilities. Space is so limited that even those that are permitted to park in these stalls are limited to a two hour maximum at which time they must relocate and park in a parking lot or facility. For that matter the drivers are encouraged only to use the Service Vehicle stalls to unload their equipment and materials and then move their vehicle to another parking location.

Special Parking Notices