Freecycle Event for Field Researchers

We have decided to CLEAN UP the South Campus Storage Lot! 

We will start with a Freecycle event for Field Researchers the week of September 5 to 8, 2017. 

  • There will be a specific area set aside for researchers to earmark their items they want to "freecycle" or give away to be used (not just stored) by another field researcher.
  • There will be a City of Edmonton large recycle bin available for wood, metal, cardboard items that researchers aren't able to freecycle - this will be hauled out to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre for sorting and recycle/reuse as soon as it is full.
  • You will be able to leave your expired bearspray and dead batteries, we will have EHS dispose of them properly.  Vehicle pool advises that they will take partially empty jugs of motor oil and transmission fluid but they have to verify the fluid and then if okay, dump it into their oil collection system.   
  • There will be NO garbage dumpster available - you will have to make other plans to get ride of garbage elsewhere. 
  • In addition, we are planning to change the lock on the gate at South Campus Storage Lot as of October 1, 2017.  Everyone that plans to use the lot after that time will have to register for access.  There will be an online form available to fill out at the Freecycle Event or available to everyone after September 8th! The new lock installed will be a combination padlock and the access code will be distributed electronically to all those filling out the form.

Daily Schedule: 

FREECYCLE - come down to the storage lot (ideally in the morning) and set out your items to be freecycled in designated area. Alternatively, pick up some items that you could use that are being freecycled.  If items are tagged in the inventory, an Asset Disposal (Transfer) form  will need to be signed off to "transfer the asset" for zero dollars but  if not tagged, then fellow researchers can just take items. 

Monday -  Friday (anytime) - take advantage of the recycle bin  -please note that only wood, metal and cardboard items (construction)  can be dumped.  

This event is supported by a Green Grant awarded by the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Environment, Health and Safety, University of Alberta. Thank you!  

We would also like to thank the field researchers who have agreed to volunteer their time! 

Friday (12:00 - 1:00 pm) - BBQ for all those who participated in the Freecycle event!