The FRO 2015 Photo Contest Winner is....


Alli Banting, M.Sc. Candidate,
Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Poesch, Co-Supervisors:  Dr. Rolf Vinebrooke and Dr. Mark Taylor (Parks Canada)


Alli Banting -Winner of FRO Photo Contest-2015


A bit about the photo and research:

This photograph was taken by Troy Malish at Goat lake, one of 40 alpine lakes. Alli is sampling in Banff National Park. This lake, like many of the study lakes, is very remote and only accessible by helicopter.

Alli is interested in addressing the effects of introduced fishes on aquatic insect prey subsidies to alpine birds. She hopes to provide insight into how the ecological integrity of mountain lake ecosystems has been affected by historical stocking practices and provide future recommendations towards achieving conservation outcomes for Banff National Park. They (field team of 6) conduct their field work during the spring over a three week period to correspond with the critical nesting period of songbirds and aquatic insect emergence. In addition to recording songbirds (as seen in the photo) at each lake, they also take invertebrate samples from the littoral zone of the lake.