Hazard Assessment and Control Tool

This tool can be used to help you prepare your Hazard Assessment and Control Brief.  For many different commonly-encountered field work hazards we provide examples of appropriate control measures.  Just click on the "hazard" links under the appropriate sub-heading and this will generate information on control measures and further detailed information.  From here, you can select the text for specific hazards relevant to you and paste this into a text document.  You should always customize/modify the hazard control information according to your particular field location (s) and activities and consider the probability and severity of the identified hazards.






Insects, spiders, bees, wasps, etc. Chemical  Air Travel Avalanche
       Air Quality
Micro-organisms    Axes Backcountry/remote working conditions
Parasites   Chainsaws Camp
Poisonous, Noxious, Irritant Plants   Firearms Cuts/lacerations
Wildlife   Bicycles Electrofishing
Wildlife Encounters   Off-road vehicles  Exposure 
    On-road vehicles Forest Fire
    Scuba Diving Glacier Travel
    Sharps (e.g. needles, biopsy punches, cutting tools) Hazardous sites:  exploration sites, trenches, open pits, underground facilities
    Trailers High Altitudes
    Watercraft Hunters
    Winches Industrial Activity
    Ladder Use Lifting
     Fall Protection
      Remote location/backcountry
       Rock Slides
      Roped Climbing
      Slip and Falls, Foot Travel
      Tree Climbing
      Uncertainty of Health and Safety Procedures
      Water Hazards
      Wind (tree falls)
      Working Alone