Northern Travel

UAlberta does have a travel management program whose role it is to negotiate preferred rates with travel suppliers and therefore, we encourage you to go to Travel @ U of A to see what rates that they can secure for you. 

Some researchers have been able to obtain Northern discount airfares and below is a process for accessing a discount through the Polar Continental Shelf Program:

Canadian North

Call or email Canadian North Reservations and identify the traveler as a Researcher or Northern Researcher – or by using ID Code ANT06. The number to call is the special corporate desk at 877 335 7373 or by emailing the above ID Code or by stating "Researcher Fare". An alternative way to book is by going to; clicking on corporate on left hand side of page – entering the ID Code ANT06 and Password ABC123. Research Fares are identified by VNORTH/ANT06 – no change fees, fully refundable. No shows mean a forfeit of the ticket.

First Air

Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-267-1247 and by quoting the promo code PCS06 at the time of booking.

When booking with either airline, don't forget to ask about any seat sales. Feel free to contact the PCSP office if you have any issues with the process.