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Non‐restricted Firearms or Restricted Firearms Possession License

Alberta Hunter Education Instructor's Association; Edmonton Conservation Education Centre for Excellence  #88, 4003-98 St. Edmonton, AB.   Phone:  (780) 466-6682.  


They are non-profit organization so depends on donations - suggested donation of $75-110. Usually hold 2 Non-Restricted courses and 1 Restricted course per month. 

Course consists of a written exam (50 multiple choice questions) and practical component.  

Check back to FRO site to see when next training course is scheduled.

Two of the instructors listed on the Alberta Hunter Association that UAlberta researchers have used is Robert Klay (780-934-0406) and Robin Leech (780-452-1311).   


The Firearms Act requires that individuals
wishing to acquire non‐restricted firearms must
take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course
(CFSC) and pass the tests or challenge and pass
the CFSC tests without taking the course.
Also U of A Firearms Policy advises that Faculty
Dean/Unit Director has the responsibility to
ensure user training and licensing requirements
are met. The Firearms policy also indicates that
it is the user's responsibility to comply with all

Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms Possession License

Phoenix Range and Indoor Gun Club

4706-76 Avenue, Edmonton

PH: 780-466-0307


Non-Restricted:  $120.00 Restricted:  $80.00

See Phoenix Gun Club website for training schedule.

 See above.